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New Jersey Bar Exam Format

The New Jersey Bar Exam is a two-day exam. Day 1 is the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE), a 200-question, multiple-choice exam. Day 2 consists of seven essay questions testing primarily MBE subjects and Civil Procedure.

Multistate Edge prepares you for the MBE portion of the New Jersey Bar Exam.

New Jersey Bar Exam Subjects: New Jersey Subjects (MBE Subjects are in bold)

Civil Procedure (New Jersey & Federal), Contracts, Criminal Law and Procedure, Constitutional Law, Evidence, Real Property, and Torts


A scaled score of 75 on the MPRE or a “C” or better in a Professional Responsibility course in law school is required for admission.

New Jersey Bar Exam Scoring and Results

The MBE and essay scores are each worth 50% and are combined to determine if a passing score was achieved. Results are released in mid-May for the February exam and in mid-November for the July exam.

Click here to see passage results for past New Jersey Bar Exams.

New Jersey Bar Exam MBE Reciprocity

New Jersey accepts an MBE score from another jurisdiction, if from a concurrent exam.

New Jersey Bar Exam Reciprocity

New Jersey does not provide for admission on motion, except for qualified New Jersey law school professors.

New Jersey Bar Exam Application Deadlines and Fees

Please visit the Board of Bar Examiners’ website for details on application deadlines and fees, and for more information on other topics.

*Bar exam information is subject to change without notice; please verify with the bar examiner’s office.

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I used the Multistate Edge course to study for the July Tennessee Bar Exam at the suggestion of a friend who had successfully used the course previously. The study materials more than prepared me for the exam, and I felt really comfortable by the time I sat for the exam. It is an overall great program that I would recommend for anyone who is planning on sitting for a bar exam, no matter your study preferences.

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